Levels of Certification

Levels of Certification

There are three leves of certification in CTAM program:

1. Certificate of Completion.

A Certificate of Completion is issued for each CTAM course taken when it is completed.  No application is needed.

2. Associate Water Asset Manager (AWAM):

To become AWAM certified, an individual must complete all 4 CTAM courses. There is no experience required at this level.

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3. Professional Water Asset Manager (PWAM)

Once the individual has 4 years of experience in an area or areas which relate to asset management of utilities, he/she can apply to the BAMI-I Certification Board (CB) for PWAM certification. The application will be reviewed and acted on by the CB.

Note: The 4-year experince requirement does not mean that the indiviual must wait for 4 years after obtaining the AWAM certificate before applying for a PWAM certificate. Please see the explanation FQ4 under FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS below


FQ1. What organization awards the AWAM and PWAM certifications?

These certifications are awarded by the BAMI-I Asset Management Certification Board.

FQ2. Will either of the AWAM or PWAM certifications be required by any organization or regulatory statute?

Currently there are no organizations or regulations requiring AWAM or PWAM.

FQ3. Will either of the AWAM or PWAM certifications need to be “Recertified” at some interval or are they “Permanent Certifications?”

PWAM must be renewed every 2 years and 8 PDH’s must be obtained in the 2-year period for renewal.

FQ4. Is  a “post-AWAM certification” waiting period required before an experienced professional can apply for the PWAM certification?

Not necessarily. If an individual already has the 4 years of experience in areas related to asset management, he/she can apply for PWAM immediately after achieving the AWAM certification.


Submit the application by e-mail to Saleh Behbahani, [email protected], or fax (318) 257-2777.