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Trenchless Technology Committee (TT)

SCOPE: Identify and describe how TT can be utilized to provide the required technical solutions to accomplish the objectives of a utilities operational and management program with a focus on the decision process.

CHAIR: Mark G. Wade, P.E.. President and a Senior Pipeline Technologist in BlueWater Solutions Group.

Pipeline Condition Assessment Committee (PCA )

SCOPE: Identifying PCA technologies and establishing a protocol for selecting how to develop a PCA program to comply with an asset management plan.

CHAIR: Susan Dakak, PWAM, President of Smart Views, LLC.

Utility Investigation Committee (UI)

SCOPE: Establishing a risk-based utility locating program utilizing ASCE 38-22 to develop an accurate inventory and mapping system to comply with an asset management plan.

CHAIR: Joseph Murphy, PE, Sr. VP Utilities Division at Lina T. Ramey & Associates, Inc. (LTRA)

Financial Management Committee (FM)

SCOPE: Develop the protocol for establishing the life-cycle-costing criteria and procedures for determining the economic value of buried assets including the remaining useful life required in a risk-based asset management program.

CHAIR: Shah Rahman, MBA, M. ASCE. Water Practice Leader in North Texas for KCI Technologies, Inc.

Education & Research Committee (E&R)

SCOPE: Identify education and training needs including workforce development. This will also include how best to utilize and promote CTAM and the Journal and future initiatives such as a Global Asset Management Congress, etc. This committee will follow ASCE’s leadership in preparing the underground construction 2070.

CHAIR: Dr. Andy Chae. Associate professor at Central Connecticut State University.

TT – Renewable Energy Infrastructure Committee (TT-REI)

SCOPE: Focus on existing and innovative technologies for gathering, distribution, transmission, and storage of renewable energies, such as H2, RNG, CO2, NG/H2 hybrids and Ammonia. Committee shall lead the standardization, compliance, testing, risk management, development, implementation, and commercialization of all relevant technologies.

CHAIR: Kent Weisenberg. Managing Partner and Chief Technology Officer for BrainDrip.

Oil and Gas Committee (O&G)

SCOPE: Determing the operational risks and potential failure consequences of OG pipelines, pipe galleries, and equipment and providing asset management plans based on inspection and evaluation.

CHAIR: Dr. Hongfang Lu. Associate professor at Southeast University.

International Ambassador Group

India Niranian swarup Indian Society for Trenchless Technology, Hon. Director (HE), Construction Industry Development Council.
China Baosong Ma Sun Yat-Sen University
South America Arlex Toro LAMSTT
Singapore Sriram Ganesan Perma-Liner (Singapore SG)
Germany Robert Stein Dr. -Ing. Robert Stein
New Zealand Sam Wiffen Reveal
Hongkong Pinky Tso China Hong Kong Society for Trenchless Technology
Brazil Sergio Palazzo Fundador, Past Chairman da ABRATT, Membro da NASTT e da ASTM (F17), Ex-Membro do Comite Executivo da ISTT, Director da SAP Service Engenheiros Consultores.