2022 BAMI-I Journal Release

BAMI-I Responds to Industry Demands by Providing 3 Utility Investigation School (UIS) Programs in 2021

Purdue University’s CEM EPCom Partners with BAMI-I, WTC-Indy & IIS to develop a 1-day track in Dubai on developing underground space and asset management

BAMI-I EPA letter - proposed FCA guidance on affordability

Light Curing CIPP Promises Bright Industry Future
Winter 2020

AWIA 2018 Provides Global Leadership for the Drinking Water Industry
Winter 2020

Dr. Tom Leaves the TTC Trenches
Summer 2020

TTC Participates in Global Engineering and Management Forum
Summer 2020

TTC Continues to Lead the Way with Innovation, Validation, and Education
Spring 2020

BAMI-I Newsletter
Feb 2020

TTC Launches Lifetime Achievement Award
Winter 2019

BAMI-I Returns Home to Atlanta!
Sep 2019

Supporting the International Tunneling Industry
Fall 2019

Summer 2019

TTC Establishes the Industry’s First Living Lab
Spring 2019

A New Experience
Winter 2018

TTC Leads the Way
Fall 2018

A Visit to the Birthplace of US Microtunneling
Summer 2018

News From the TTC
Summer 2018

TTC Facilitates WTC Cooperation
Spring 2018

BAMI-I Conducts 4-Day CTAM Classroom Program in Columbus, OH

TTC and BAMI-I Launch a Comprehensive Asset Management Certification Program

Atlanta’s Clean Water Advocates
Sep 2003

TTC Expands Global E-Learning Options for Water Professionals

BAMI-I Enters Latin American Trenchless Technology Market

TTC, BAMI-I Continue to Have International Impact