On May 22, 2024, an event hosted by Kiewit in Denver, Colorado, sponsor by CDOT, T2 Utility Engineers, Trimble, Infraday Kiewit, and 4M Analytics brought together industry professionals to celebrate utility industry pioneer Jim Anspach, also known as the ‘Godfather of SUE,’ and to unveil 4M’s AI-powered real-time utility data platform.  Wei Liao, representing BAMI-I, participated in this event.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE):

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) focuses on identifying and mapping underground utilities, such as pipes and cables. It uses technologies like Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Pipe and Cable Locators (PCL) to avoid conflicts and ensure safety in construction projects. SUE is critical for managing the complexities of underground utilities, especially in urban areas. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has established guidelines, such as ASCE 38-22, for investigating and documenting existing utilities.

Jim Anspach

Jim Anspach, known as the “Father of Subsurface Utility Engineering,” has significantly advanced the field of SUE. He played a key role in developing the ASCE’s Standard Guideline for Investigating and Documenting Existing Utilities (ASCE 38-22). Throughout his career, Jim has promoted SUE practices, managed contracts at several organizations, and developed training programs. His contributions have been recognized through various awards, including the prestigious Jim Anspach Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jim’s Contribution to Education and BAMI-I:

Jim Anspach has been instrumental in education through his work with the Buried Asset Management Institute – International (BAMI-I). As the Chair of ASCE 38 , 2018 UESI President and Board of Director in BAMI-I, he developed the curriculum for the Utility Investigation School (UIS). This program, conducted by BAMI-I, covers geophysics, utility systems construction, and ASCE 38 risk-based presentations, providing hands-on experience with technologies like GPR and PCL. BAMI-I has successfully conducted the UIS program 22 times across various locations in the US, emphasizing the importance of accurate utility location and mapping for effective asset management.

Jim Anspach’s dedication to education, innovation, and collaboration continues to inspire professionals in the industry.


    4M Analytics

    4M Analytics, founded in 2019 by Itzik Malka (CEO), Yoav Cohen (CTO), and Nir Cohen (COO), specializes in subsurface utility mapping using AI technology. Initially focused on mine detection, the company pivoted to utility mapping to meet the critical needs of the construction and infrastructure industries, including sectors such as oil, gas, electricity, and water.

    4M Analytics integrates satellite imagery, remote sensing, and public records, verified through AI and computer vision, to create precise and comprehensive utility maps. This platform helps engineers and project managers identify and locate underground utilities early in the project lifecycle, reducing risks and improving project planning and execution. Since its establishment, 4M Analytics has raised significant funds, including $30 million in a Series A extension in 2022, led by Insight Partners and ITI Venture Capital Partners, bringing their total funding to $45 million.

    The company aims to map thousands of square kilometers daily, aspiring to be the “Google Maps for underground.” In 2023, 4M Analytics mapped 100 billion linear feet of utilities across all 50 states, demonstrating their capability to provide reliable and up-to-date utility data.

    This spring semester, Joseph Eberly from 4M Analytics delivered a lecture for Purdue University’s course led by Dr. Iseley. Additionally, 4M Analytics has joined BAMI-I’s volunteer team for the Switz City project, providing free mapping and location services to assist in developing an asset management plan. 4M is also an active sponsor for BAMI-I UIS. This collaboration highlights 4M Analytics’ commitment to supporting educational initiatives and contributing to the advancement of SUE and Buried asset management practices.

    Event Highlights

    At Kiewit’s campus in Denver, the evening was filled with engaging discussions, networking opportunities, and a shared appreciation for the strides being made in utility mapping and infrastructure development.

    The event commenced with attendees arriving and enjoying a networking session accompanied by food and drinks. The atmosphere was vibrant, as professionals from various sectors mingled and exchanged insights. In Jim Anspach’s heartfelt speech, Jim expressed, “I couldn’t be here without all of the people in the industry!” He also shared reflections on the unpredictability of future technology and emphasized the importance of striving to make the best predictions despite unforeseen developments.

    4M CEO Itzik Malka delivered an inspiring speech, highlighting the deep connection he shares with Jim Anspach. Itzik recounted how he first met Jim and the profound impact Jim had on his understanding of utility mapping. He expressed heartfelt respect and gratitude towards Jim, acknowledging his pioneering work and the invaluable mentorship he provided. Itzik also emphasized the strong belief that investors have in the founders and their vision for the future of utility mapping, underscoring the innovative advancements 4M Analytics is poised to achieve.

    One of the key moments of the evening was the presentation by  Raz Ezra rom 4M Analytics. Raz captivated the audience with his assertion that “data is the new oil,” highlighting the critical role of accurate and real-time utility data in modern infrastructure projects. He discussed the distinctions between confidence and accuracy in utility mapping, underscoring the innovative capabilities of 4M’s AI-powered real-time utility data platform.

      During the event, various panelists, including representatives from CDOT, T2 Utility Engineers, Trimble, and Kiewit, shared their testimonials and expressed their gratitude for Jim Anspach’s contributions to the industry. Their words highlighted the profound impact Jim has had on utility mapping practices and the broader field of civil engineering.

      The evening concluded with an after-party hosted by T2 Utility Engineers, attendees continued to celebrate, network, and reflect on the advancements showcased during the event. T2 Utility Engineers, a leading company in the SUE industry, is dedicated to promoting and advancing the SUE field. When discussing funding various industry activities, especially sponsoring BAMI-I UIS school, Robert Ramsey vice president of T2 Utility Engineers, mentioned that their goal is to enable industry professionals to build credibility. Whether they are competitors or part of the same company, each professional represents the overall interests of the industry.

      This event underscored the importance of innovation and collaboration in driving the future of utility mapping and infrastructure management. The event not only honored past contributions but also looked ahead to the exciting possibilities that lie in store for the industry.