Certification of Training in Asset Management (CTAM)

Elevate Your Expertise with CTAM Certification


Unlock your potential in underground asset management with the Certification of Training in Asset Management (CTAM)
A comprehensive four-part series designed to advance your skills and knowledge in this critical field.


For Professional Engineers
    • Continuing Education – Satisfy PDH requirements for PE license renewal with state licensing boards (verification required).
    • Expert Development – Crafted by industry experts, for industry professionals to formalize asset management plans.
    • Industry Recognition – Stand out with specialized training highlighting your commitment and expertise.
For Municipalities
    • Skill Development – Train your team effectively, making it easier to manage your underground infrastructure.
    • Recognition & Reward – Utilize CTAM certifications (AWAM/PWAM) to acknowledge skilled individuals.
    • Operational Excellence – Implement best practices suitable for utilities of all sizes, with a special focus on small municipalities.

CTAM Online Courses Overview

CTAM-100: Overview of Asset Management

Dive into the world of asset management with a global perspective, understanding risk management, government regulations, and more through engaging case studies.

    • Sharing Asset Management Knowledge Globally
    • Asset Management Overview & Technologies
    • Introduction to Appropriate Websites & Tools
    • Risk Management
    • Government Regulations
    • Case Study Examples

CTAM-300: Managing an Asset Management Program

Master organizational, legal, and budgeting considerations to effectively prioritize and manage your asset management program.

    • Organizational, Legal & Budgeting Considerations
    • Developing Priorities & Key Performance Indicators
    • Infrastructure Inspection, Mapping & Rehab Methods
    • Capacity, Management, Operation & Maintenance
    • Asset Worth Value & Life-Cycle Analysis
    • Risk-Based Budgeting

    CTAM-200: Developing an Asset Management Program

    Learn to navigate the complexities of underground infrastructure management, from inventory strategies to data analysis.

      • Underground Infrastructure Asset Management
      • Advantages, Rewards, Obstacles & Planning
      • Asset Inventory, Organization Strategies & Tools
      • Water & Wastewater Condition Assessment
      • Data Content, Analysis, Sharing & Distribution


    CTAM-400: Financing an Asset Management Program

    Explore financial strategies, accounting principles, and innovative financing tools to fund your asset management program sustainably.

      • Financial Challenges & Developing Strategies
      • Accounting Principles, Reporting & Budgeting
      • Strategic Internal & External Financing Tools
      • Public-Private Partnerships and Design-Build
      • Level of Service and Capital Improvement Plans
      • Life-Cycle Costing
      • Case Study Examples

    Learn of A Real-World Application of CTAM

    Discover how a large pharmaceutical firm leveraged CTAM to develop a comprehensive asset management program, showcasing the practical application and benefits of the coursework.

    Ready to Advance Your Career?

    Whether You Are

    A professional engineer looking to fulfill PDH requirements

    A municipality aiming to enhance your team’s capabilities

    CTAM offers valuable insights and practical skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your professional standing and contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of our essential underground services.


    Join us at BAMI-I and take the first step towards mastering buried asset management.

    Levels Of Certification For CTAM

    1. Certificate of Completion

    A Certificate of Completion is issued for each CTAM course taken when it is completed.  No application is needed.



    • Complete (any) CTAM course.

    2. Associate Water Asset Manager (AWAM)

    To become AWAM certified, an individual must complete all 4 CTAM courses. There is no experience required at this level. BAMI-I Membership is required for maintaining a current AWAM certification.



    • All 4 CTAM courses completed.
    • Cost $100
    • AWAM Application Form submitted

    3. Professional Water Asset Manager (PWAM)

    Once the individual has 4 years of experience in an area or areas which relate to asset management of utilities, he/she can apply to the BAMI-I Certification Board (CB) for PWAM certification. The application will be reviewed and acted on by the CB. BAMI-I Membership is required for maintaining a current PWAM certification. PWAM is renewed every two years.


    Note: The 4-year experince requirement does not mean that the indiviual must wait for 4 years after obtaining the AWAM certificate before applying for a PWAM certificate. Please see the explanation FQ4 under FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS below.



    • All 4 CTAM courses completed.
    • Min 4 years of experience
    • Cost $200
    • PWAM Application Form submitted



    • PWAM certificate issued within 2-years
    • 8 PDH in a 2-year period.
    • Cost $100
    • PWAM Application form submitted


    Submit the application forms by e-mail to Wei Liao, [email protected]


    FQ1. What organization awards the AWAM and PWAM certifications?

    These certifications are awarded by the BAMI-I Asset Management Certification Board.

    FQ2. Will either of the AWAM or PWAM certifications be required by any organization or regulatory statute?

    Currently there are no organizations or regulations requiring AWAM or PWAM.

    FQ3. Will either of the AWAM or PWAM certifications need to be “Recertified” at some interval or are they “Permanent Certifications?”

    PWAM must be renewed every 2 years and 8 PDH’s must be obtained in the 2-year period for renewal.

    FQ4. Is a “post-AWAM certification” waiting period required before an experienced professional can apply for the PWAM certification?

    Not necessarily. If an individual already has the 4 years of experience in areas related to asset management, he/she can apply for PWAM immediately after achieving the AWAM certification.

    CTAM Development Story

    Host a CTAM Workshop

    Bring a CTAM Workshop to Your Community

    Elevate the expertise in buried asset management within your community by hosting a Certification of Training in Asset Management (CTAM) workshop. Designed for groups with a keen interest in advancing their knowledge and practices in asset management, CTAM workshops offer a unique opportunity to engage directly with leading experts and local professionals.

    Why Host a CTAM Workshop?

    • Engage in Real-Time Learning: Benefit from direct interaction with experienced instructors and local professionals, fostering a rich learning environment.
    • Local Implementation of Asset Management: Tailor the workshop to address the specific needs and challenges of your community, setting the stage for practical asset management implementation.
    • Community Conversations: Stimulate ongoing discussions about asset management practices, challenges, and solutions throughout the workshop.
    • Demonstrate Commitment: Show your organization’s dedication to adopting and promoting good asset management practices.
    • Community Building: Strengthen your local asset management community through shared learning experiences and networking opportunities.

    Who Can Host?

    We welcome requests from utilities or association chapters eager to bring this valuable learning experience to their members and communities. Hosting a CTAM workshop signifies your leadership and commitment to enhancing the management of buried assets in your area.

    Interested in Hosting?

    Join us in our mission to empower communities through education and collaboration in asset management. Host a CTAM workshop today and be a catalyst for positive change in your local asset management practices. Contact Wei – [email protected]